The FNM Attempted to Make Same Sex Marriage Legal Last Night in the House


Hubert Ingraham and defeated Elizabeth Candidate Duane Sand. - file Photo-

Nassau, Bahamas – Last night in the Parliament the Free National Government made an attempt to change the definition of marriage in law.

Last night as the Maritime Marriage Bill 2010 was slipped through the backdoor by the FNM following the passage of the Election bill.

As the bill was tabled, an amendment was sought to remove the clause, which defines marriage. We are told dead in the night, as the FNM sought to persuade the opposition to agree to the changes, but that call  by the PLP and DNA was a NO NO!

Leader of Opposition Business in the House advised the FNM government there would be no agreement or deal on any changes involving the definition of the marriage clause in the bill. With communications exchanged, the government left the matter alone like the rat holding the cheese. The Government then reluctantly left the marriage clause intact as defined between a man and a woman and proceeded with the bill unchanged.

The Free National Movement has no damn shame!


  1. Stop printed stories that are untrue and cannot be supported with facts. Persons are telling untrue stories to make the govement look bad


  3. Dear BP:

    After that brilliant speech by Zhivargo Laing about respecting the Christian Values moorings of our Constitution and community ethos, I would sure like to see the Amendment which the government side tried to introduce in the House of Assembly last week!

    As a matter of record, when I read Min. Laing’s statement reported in the newspapers, I wondered what had prompted his “respectful” outburst. Without the clarity of the specific changes that were being proposed, it seemed like your story was far-fetched.

    However, following Senator Maynard-Gibson’s contribution in the Senate yesterday regarding the failed proposed Amendment to eliminate the definition of mariage as a right exclusively reserved for a man and a woman, we are all now painfully aware that only an act of God (using the human agents of the PLP and DNA representatives)prevented the introduction of Gay Marriage in our Bahamas!

  4. “Why wait until” that is classic “people like you” label. Whenever there is an opposing view you label people. You are free to attack my argument or view but whats with the name calling. That was very christian like wasnt it. I was quite clear when I mentioned I oppose perverting minors. I guess you chose to ignore that part. I never suggested God made a mistake, I asked a question. Many people make up our societies. I disagree with many of their values but I agree with their right to exist in our society. Hate a mans vices not him. It is easy to pick on those who are “different” from us. I hold no brief for gays. We are quick to condemn the gays but but dead beat fathers, incestuous fathers, ill prepared mothers, child molesters are ignored until its our family affected. As for “until its your child” I would not wish that on my worst enemy. The hate you spew is not christian like. The Marriage Act is no more damaging than other Acts. When since we follow the Bible here anyways. There are laws that forbids gambling, seat belts, parking, red lights, littereing etc. We sure do a good job as country obeying them. We cheat at Customs duties, bills paying in full, working a full shift for our employers etc. I pray for this country and I am sensitized to whats going on because I live here just like you. My point is not to be overly simplistic about the causes of the ills in our beautiful country. There is no quick fix, what we are experiencing has been a long time coming. It will not end over night. Remember the bible says “Judge not” and to “forgive”. Barring gay marriages will not save us. Being responsible parents, caring citizens towards our neighbours would be a start. The family is the most important institution. If each family keep their homes in order then things may begin to get better. Name calling and blame is of no benefit.

  5. I think before we make these laws in the name of God, we need to remember not all of us believe in God. There are good people among you who do not subscribe to a belief and God and MANY terrible people who do.

  6. i will rather see a man eat **** than to talk ****. sissying around should be a crime or allow me to married more than once b/c i have the same excuse the sissy have i born fleeing this way and while you at it put the FNM before the firing squad b/c i born feeling this way.

  7. Kim you are really out in left field with Ernie and Bert. College athletes share dorms, so do many others who may have to share rooms for various reasons. I am a heterosexual male, married with 4 children. I have no problem with consenting adults doing whatever bedind closed doors. Once they do not pervert yound children (minors). We need to stop placing blame on certain groups because we disagree with them. We live in a christian country, and we claim to live by christian principles. Yet christians have slaughtered more people in the name of God than any other group. Do you remember, the crusades, the “Bible or Gun” alternatives given to our fore fathers? Yet I done think that we should be blamed for their actions. Our prisons have much more “normal” people who rape, kill and destroy our beautiful country than those who we portray as monsters. Because we disagree with their lifestyle,does not mean that they should not be a part of our society. Gays have no control over me because I dont let them. Remember when civil society would execute people because they were left handed. Imagine how silly that seems today.If our God “dont make junk” or “makes no mistakes” how do we explain gays existence in the world? I do not live that lifestyle, I am not smart enough to know why people are gay. Therefore, I wont demonise them. If they prey on a minor I would scream for the fullest extent of the law to be inflicted, just as I would for the “normal” person who do the same.

    • Why wait until they prey on some innocent child ? Living in a Christian society should help people like you Ken to understand,God made a perfect world and gave us choices; it was our choice to alternate lifestyle.If you’re claiming God made a “MISTAKE,” I’m convinced you’re no Christian.God Himself disagree with this lifestyle Ken;that lifestyle is called SIN. Read Romans ch. 1 Ken particularly from verse 26.

      • Homosexuality is not linked to pedophilia in any way shape or form. In fact, it is more linked to Catholicism. I know of no perfect world. If the world was perfect, we would be perfect. We are not perfect. Why not quote “He who is without sin cast the first stone” while you’re at it?

        • You are really going to say that? “He who is without sin cast the first stone”. Do us all a favor and fly to america where they will ‘happily’ accept immoral habits.

          Anyway pedophilia is also linked to Homosexuality, the reasons those catolic priest are caught in scandals like that due to the ‘perversion spirits’ JUST LIKE HOMOSEXUALITY. This world has gone corrupt because of people LIKE YOU!. Mental and emotions and love have been discected and exploited and now you have people getting all confused and don’t even understand the basic knowledge of the human body.

          Why all of a sudden when the US had a major Gay marriage outbreak during early 2004, suddently everyone was gay?! (Please don’t say that they were merely in closet, because that would mean suicidal people were also in the closet).

          The Bible speaks about this and state immorality will come during the end of the time… the 200k people from each group of race/region that is going to inherit God’s kingdom during judgement day is becoming a reality, more and more people are turning away from truth and REAL LOVE just to follow and comform this sickly world we call earth.

          Anus sex is not natural(which was made by mankind), and is far from being safe and goes to show that homo’s are telling people lies about it!

          The FNM needs to light out their torch by setting them on fire! lol

        • Your name speaks for itself,”ANONYMOUS,” Jesus is without SIN, and it is Him who cast the only stone at you devils. JOB;ch.1;8,hast thou considered my servant Job,that there is none like him in the earth,a PERFECT and an upright “MAN,” that devil called anonymous is a liar like his father the devil;who is the father of all lies.

      • Please stop picking out bible verses for this so called chirstian nation that encourages sweethearting, fornication, and lies . we want to speak about the sanctity of marriage when our culture has been going against for decades. and as for a scripture how about this ” We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” so lets be our brothers keeper cause in the end Only God can judge us

        • REV. CH.22;14,15..BLESSED are they that do his commandments,that they may have right to the tree of life,and may enter in through the gates into the city…14,For without are dogs, sorcerers,WHOREMONGERS,murders idolaters,and whosoever loveth and maketh a lies. These are the words given to the apostle John from JESUS,to give all Prestigesilver:where do you stand.

    • I agree Ken, people need to distinguish the diffrence between perversion and sexuailty. a Pervert preys on minors and are straight or gay and your sexuality only determines which sex you sleep with. I am opposed to Gay marriges but i do believe that they have rights like any bahamian and there should be some legal guidelines to protect thier relationships. Do you know what is is to spend years with someone build a home together or buy a car together and in the end there is nothing legal to say you deserve a portion of it. Let’s be real men feel that way evertiem they go through a divorce. So i say put a law in place like they do for commonlaw wives and husbands

  8. Obviously the issue of gay rights is one that Bahamians are not yet ready to handle. I don’t support gay marriage or a bill that would support such. The thing is though I think we generally need to support human rights in this country. From some of the comments here we can see how nasty we can be to each other in this country. Please let us be more sensible about this and many of the other issues that confront us as a nation. We need to stop legislating what people do in their private lives. The government needs to stay out of peoples bed rooms and private life. It may be a sin, but is it more deadly than the adultery and fornication we readily witness and accept in this country? Pastor, police and politician all have been sweethearten, philandering and engaging in lechery for years. Yet we are not outraged about that. We are one Bahamas. I love all of my people. Yes some have some manners and habits I don’t like but you still a part of us. Happy Independence Bahamas!

  9. I dont know where you think this is smitty, but this the bahamas. Sure, it maybe a fact that there are persons whom decide to have relationships with members of their gender in some of our families and communities, and we still love them and pray that they would “stop likin man”, but we dont spit in the face of GOD! That is if you know who that is. And to the FNM’s I hope that this is only propaganda, it would have been easier to just legalize gambling but if you are about your “big gay agenda” your party will find itself worst than every third party that has tried to take government in the pass. But I wont tell you “we all ga see”.

  10. What a let down for this once powerful FNM party to be kicking off their 2012 General Elections Campaign with having to rush to clarify on the floor of the People’s House, that all their Church Goers in the FNM party can sleep well knowing that while this FNM cabinet did in fact support Gay Rights at the United Nations, and without any prior consultation with their own Church Goers, that there will be “No Buggery On The High Seas” under a FNM government.
    Folks, all I’m saying is there is no political heat that could possibly come from Christie or Bran that will ever equal the degree of the heated fire and brimstone that was leveled at this FNM cabinet over the past week by Church Goers within the FNM. Talk about waving the white flag of surrender?
    Everyone knows that if you mess around with the soul of the Church’s oven, you’re going to get burnt, really bad Amen!

  11. Yeah, Pass the Bill, Afterwards, I’m starting the first Bahamian Porn Company. Because not them (Government and their fingers and toes (the police)), nor one of yous, would be able to stop me, or get in my face: What sense is it, following the tossing of the baby, for us, to try and stop the tossing of the bath water? So pass yinna same sex marriage bill, following this, I gan start shooting Bahamian Porn. It’ll be called; Island hopping—I intend to make hundreds of dollars.

  12. I think the Gay Rights Issue is a distraction. Ok sign the bill and lets move on. There are more pressing issues to deal with. This bill is not a gay marriage bill and we need to stop getting all worked up about it. Whether we like it or not, black, white, asian, gay, straight or in between we all live in this country. There is no immunity to crime, a shabby education system, unemployment, high fuel prices, increasing cost of living and the list goes on. We are all feeling the same pinch. We have to work together to improve our way of life in this country. The FNM is rushing through a bunch of bills all of sudden that could have easily been brought before parliament two years ago. Meanwhile BEC can’t seem to keep the lights on and were are having a protracted debate about gay rights.
    The election games have begun and the PM is appealing to idiots who cannot see beyond the smoke. Here’s the skinny. Debate the bill, pass the bill and lets move on.

    • I’m sorry!!!! but why is it necessary to amend a Marriage law to appease persons of an alternative lifestyle? No matter how we slice it, dice it and pretty it up, that is what is is…AN ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE.
      Understandably, you do not want anyone to feel that they have no rights because of their lifestyle, but re-inventing what marriage means is a serious slap in the face for a CHRISTIAN NATION as ours….
      If you really want to unite…why not ask for legislation on civil union….why mess with the marriage clause? cause that’s not what its about…its about making the normal become the abnormal….and if same sex relationships were normal….they’d be able to have children and not have to adopt….in all my years, I have never heard of two men nor two women biologically conceiving and producing children….that’s why one has ovaries and the other has testes, these go together.
      For persons who are living the “alternative lifestyle”, the reality is that there would always be challenges you face everyday that are different from the “normal lifestyle”; stop trying to make your lifestyle normal and fix your issues through legislation….redefining marriage will certainly not do it….
      So I say pass what bill?

      • I don’t think the bill is calling for marriage to be redefined. Nor to I believe that it is the government’s intention to do so. Perhaps we’re reading a different or I’m ill advised to the contents. BP is there such an amendment like Yvette says? Like I said maybe I’m missing something in this whole scenario. Thanks

  13. I don’t understand what’s with all the confusion. The fact that the first two humans placed on the planet were a man and a woman, it is clear to see what God intentions were, there is no getting around this. If God wanted men to be with men and women to be with women, he designed our bodies, he would of made us in a way, where we didn’t need to be opposite sex in order to conceive a child, but he didn’t do that. So, trying to convince yourself that it is normal for the same sex to want to be together is just twisted. Anyway, in some ways I believe Sesame Street caused some of this confusion. Even though Ernie and Berth were just puppets, they might have played a role in the way people view homosexuality. They acted like two grown men sharing a home together and sleeping in the same bedroom, even though the beds were separate, that doesn’t mean anything. If you are a married couple and you checked into a hotel room and they have the beds separated, what’s the first thing you do? You would push the two beds together, right? Or ok then. That’s why I blame Sesame Street for this. From I was a child Ernie and Bert was living together and they still living together now. You never see a woman coming over to visit any of them or them going out on a date with a woman, instead you see two men playing together in their bedroom all day and this was something most of us were comfortable watching, but I was always suspicious about the message Sesame Street were always trying to send to people and looking at some of the comments here, I believe they have accomplished their mission. Even some of our politicians seem to have brought into the idea and they would have been thrilled if this bill had passed, I don’t believe this will be their last attempt at this. They will keep trying to inch this on us, until their plans are successful.

  14. God ordained a man and woman. Not no sissy. A christian nation. You want them to adopt, no God said be fruitful and multiply. Then let them try multiplying.

  15. it’s people like smitty them who get this country f up by the way they think. there are people out there who was born thinking they should not work for what they want. should we allow them to steal and kill as they feel? b/c that’s the same thing these sissy gay want.if you men want stick up yal backside plz keep it to yall self. bunch of sick freaks .

    • @wizard i dont think to much a them sissy killin each other aye. so stop being foolish and lets move in the direction of the world. callin this place a christian nation dosn’t take away the fact that there are a lot of gay people among us. what are you most afraid of becoming one a them or simply recognizing that your god made them that way. but what i find so amazing is, i dont see any gay bloggers defending the bill. your’ll gat them so scared they dont wanna open they mouth.

        • @not so,you think am gay because i want to view these things with common sense. Sissy ain’t just come here bro. before man new the god of Moses there have been gay people. just check the greek history which predates your holy bible.

  16. Point fingers please! Need real Christian Bahamians second guest this Foreign Nationals Mess administration? Again Sir Lynden was right;Bahamians have now seen Hubert Ingraham,for who he truly is.I’m just wondering if he (Ingraham) was speaking about himself and his colleagues when he made the statement, “there’s a BUNCH OF SISSIES over there.”

  17. Sell me something else cause I een buying this one. If they have the numbers to pass any bill…….why is it not changed. Please report the facts as it is and stop trying to create a story or drama that don’t exist. The truth of the matter is the FNM don’t need the PLP or DNA for votes to pass anything. This was proven with C&W. As a matter of fact more PLPS would have voted for this bill anyway. What do you have to say bout dat???

    • The obvious is “NICE TRY,” not that they have the numbers to pass this SODOMITE BILL, but to make it a pair as if the PLP supports it; yea,that’s nice try,but that shit ain’t working “bunch a sissies.

      • @Obvious. I hope BP will remove your comments as profanity is strickly forbidden on this site. If you don’t beleive me, ask “Newsman”, he was banned from this site for profanity.

  18. Yeah, time for the FNM to go. They try and do whatever the USA and Canada do and think it’s cool with Bahamians. All Bahamians want is our Bahamas back. Stop giving it to all these foreigners. Ingraham and all your sheep ministers, pleeeez go!

  19. BP, you know this story is crap. I keep telling you, the PLP can beat the FNM without making foolishness up. There is no way the FNM would support Gay Marriage and you know that. And the PLP would not vote against a Gay Marriage bill due. You already tried this foolishness with the UN vote on immigrants, which the PLP has already indicated that it supports.

    • If and we say IF that was not the intent of the FNM, why was the Marriage Bill brought for amendment? WHY bring something just to say, “Oh marriage is still defined as….BLAH BLAH BLAH!” The government know just what it intended to do.


  20. There is more to this attempt by the FNM government that meets the eye.
    Very strange that ministers of the crown have time to promote Gay Rights at the UN. Figure out a way to get legalized gambling by the people, if they should win the 2012 General Elections. Approve Bah Mar, which even they know is too big and to quick for Nassau. Have the DPM stand in the House to brag about the increased revenue from the granting of work permits, including 8100 to Chinese laborers, which means for every work permit issued, another Bahamian, including those who vote for them was denied a job. Not one minister has stood in the House to demand to know exactly what happened to the Shares that were issued to the Bahamas government in The Port Authority? Not one single minister is prepared to stand up in the House in to explain why there is 100,000 Haitians scattered throughout our Bahamas, yet they rush to stand in the House to try and convince the Church Goers in their FNM party that although their government was not authorized by Bahamians to support Gay Rights at the UN, their FNM government would never legalize “man on man buggery on the high seas?
    I believe little, to nothing, this government tells the people.

    • Well last night in the HOUSE THE PLP were prepared to vote against it. WHY was the FNM proceeding to agree to it? Why didn’t they go alone they definitely had the numbers????


    • what i dont get is why is there so much hate for gay people here in the bahamas. If your straight ya straight, if ya gay ya gay. whats the big deal ya think it ga rube off lol. Man look here, i believe we should be at a point where we should now allow gay adoption to give some of these neglected children a home. I gave a lady a ride the other day and she told me about this 17 old girl who had been released from the childrens home. this child now has to go and live with her drug addicted mother who sells her body for drugs and food. what chance does this child have now. Had she been adopted by someone even a gay couple maybe two guys when she was a toddler i believe her future would have been brighter. So lets try to move this country forward and stop the hate. and if two gay people wanna get married what the hell that gat ta do with me or you. its only a contract nothing more.

      • If it were only a contract why call it MARRIAGE instead of a civil union??????
        Personally I believe that we are a more tolerant country than you give us credit for….the issue we are facing now is the blatant wearing your sexuality on your sleeve kind of attitude that has become so pervasive and to some degree offensive. So yeah…you will get reactions and stares….

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