Thieves Continue to Strike in Prince Hall Lodge


Nassau, Bahamas — The Grand Lodge of Prince Hall is filled with a pile of hypocrites. They try to act like they don’t do anything wrong but undercover they are encouraging tiefing, prostitution, sissying and sweet hearting. BP plans on going even more undercover in Prince Hall to see what promises these men and women make when they enter that organization cause it seems like they are as corrupt as corrupt can be.

Last week we told you that a Worshipful Master was kicked out of Prince Hall for suspending a drunken man who exposed himself to a young sister. We also told you that Dirty Mexican, Police Officer, James Hutchison was given that post. Well we found out some stuff about the Dirty Mexican, which has nothing to do with being the playboy that he is. Dirty Mexican Hutchison is also a very good musician. He played in the police band and is busy organizing another band in another military organization. Say what you like about the Dirty Mexican but if given a job to do, he always gets it done even if IT’S TIEFING.

The Prince Hall Lodge is known to have a Marching Band that performs at funerals and other occasions. The Dirty Mexican is in charge of this band along with Inspector Dennison Sturrup, another lodge man. When members of Prince Hall die, this band plays for the brothers to march behind the caskets on the way to the graveyard. BP heard that families of the dearly departed are preyed upon by Sturrup and the Dirty Mexican, who are with them wiping every tear, all along slipping the bereaved invoices for hundreds of dollars for the band to perform at funerals. At the end of the day, no one knows where this money is going, but the invisible bank account must be fat at this stage because this was being done for years.

BP was so shocked at this act, BP decided to really go undercover to investigate and found out that Sturrup and Hutchison not only perform musical acts, but they are Hollywood-ready as well. Apparently when they show up to the homes of the bereaved, Hutchison, known for his dramatic style, starts crying loudly to draw emotions from the loved ones of the dearly departed. When the bereaved gets emotional, Sturrup moves in with the Kleenex, wipes their tears, comforts them and then slips them the invoice for the band’s performance. The dynamic duos usually leave these homes with a check or cash.

Now the Dirty Mexican is known to be a lover, not a fighter but Sturrup has a really dirty record of dealing with the ladies. Sturrup, like the Dirty Mexican, was also a part of the police band but had to be removed because of his poor conduct. It seems like Sturrup has a temper he can’t control and when the ladies don’t do as he says, military style, he bludgeons them about the body with his fists in a cruel and crazy style. BP also learned that when Sturrup is finished with these cruel acts, he lights a cigarette and goes into a fit of insane laughter.

What BP cannot understand is what happened to upstanding Lodge men. Lodge was once a secret society but now everything is out in the open. BP has had to screen things coming into this medium and things we investigated because they were too deadly and damaging and ridiculous to publish. It seems like these brothers and sisters really hate each other’s guts. This is a crying shame, as it seems like just a handful of the heads of this organization want to destroy it.

BP has this Lodge under serious surveillance as we understand yet another Worshipful Master is about to be kicked out to clear the way for one of the Merry Men.


  1. In response to “Tired”.
    Just how you claim to know who everyone is, it is very obvious who you are. You speak of people “hiding behind the internet” when you are doing the same thing. We havent forgotten when you used the internet to defame the character of an upstanding brother and emailed your thoughts to leaders and worshipful masters in the fraternity. Remember that, “Tired”? Remember when you probably stayed up all night thinking of the nastiest adjectives to use against this brother who you hate for no reason? Remember that? Lastly, Tired, why dont you stop “hiding behind the internet” and sign your real name to your comments and call the name of who you are accusing without substituting it with *s. Go ahead. I dare you.

  2. It is so funny how BP has all this information.To be honest the only people who post all this information on Prince Hall Freemasonry is disgruntled, suspended or expelled masons. When the organization and persons were left to do as they wish you could not hear anything about our great fraternity, but as discipline made it’s way in and they unruly and non respectful made their way out now we have all this lodge talk.It is sickening how this small group continue to try to tarnish upstanding persons in the Prince Hall Family characters, because they themselves are being disciplined for the wrong doing’s they have done. It is easy to come on the internet and speak as you wish, but have the courage to say these out in public instead of hiding behind a computer because everyone know’s who you are ***** and company.

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