Two former Senators in the former Ingraham government are set to face a court of law


Former Senator’s wife tell all in affidavit <<< Bonking former Parliamentarian caught ‘sissyin’ by wife!

Nassau, Bahamas — Sources close to BP confirm both Senators in this report were former lovers of a police reservist and beauty queen. We can tell you the love triangle has gone sour and both men are set to face a judge.

Senator number one is set to be divorced from the Bahamian beauty after she caught him in a bedroom romp dipping goat pepper in Vaseline with his toy boy lover. In documents shown to BP, the young woman argues she had had enough of her husband’s requests for anal sex, and was sick and tired of his repeated verbal abuse around the marital home.

In one episode, the husband, who loved to play church, was caught by his wife playing church bald naked with a spiritual sister in the couple’s home one evening when the wife suddenly stopped back to collect some items.

However, the wife got the shock of her life when she met the church sister walking around her home topless wearing only a red g-string. A row followed and police were called to the scene. But that’s just the beginning of the shocking details.

Another complaint on the former Senator involved an incident where the wife was forced to sit in the back seat of a car, while another church sister sat in the front. Reports are that the freaky Parliamentarian begged the “spiritual sister” to hold the cup while he piss and drive.

Details in the divorce will shame the former Senator if not sealed and by extension leave FNMs in shock to know what a freaky politician there was speaking to them every night almost on the campaign trail.

Readers would remember how former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham blocked the Senator from a nomination after hearing the reports of his bad treatment of women; a fact not good with polls.

In the other court matter, the same wife has a daughter for another former FNM Senator. In papers about to be served, that former Senator failed to pay child support for his daughter, which now amounts in the thousands.

Trouble is, though, that that former Parliamentarian #2 was caught up in a major scandal, which confirmed a department was bamboozled and hoodwinked.

The curly haired Parliamentarian was also blocked from running as a candidate in the last election due to his shady dealings that forced an investigation by the former Cabinet Secretary. And now, from the looks of things, the former Senior Politician was right again to not run both men.

Having good political judgment is a must in politics!

Boy I tell ya, ‘If ya don’t laugh you will cry’! Who put them pepper in the Vaseline?

We report yinner decide!