U.S. Ambassador Avant meets Bahamas Talented Youth Contestants

U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas Nicole A. Avant with Ms. Sonovia Pierre, President of BTYO, the eleven contestants in this year’s Hal Jackson’s Talented Teen Scholarship competition, and special guest recording artist Ms. Cecelia “Cece” Penniston.

On Saturday, April 30 representatives from the Bahamas Talented Youth Organization (BTYO) paid a courtesy call on United States Ambassador to The Bahamas, Her Excellency Nicole A. Avant at her Liberty Overlook Home. Ms. Sonovia Pierre, President of BTYO was accompanied by the eleven contestants in this year’s Hal Jackson’s Talented Teen Scholarship competition, and special guest recording artist, Ms. Cecelia “Cece” Penniston, a former Miss Hal Jackson’s Talented Teen for Arizona.

During the courtesy call, Ambassador Avant applauded the organizers for promoting education and awareness through the performing arts, developing the contestant’s leadership skills and raising awareness of pediatric cancer. Ambassador Avant also reiterated the United States’ continuing commitment to supporting the empowerment and advancement of young women.


  1. Just got through watching the Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant on ZNS, it was a stiff competition and I would like to congratulate both Miss Anastasia Pierre who won Miss Bahamas Universe Title and Miss Sasha Joyce who won the Miss World Bahamas Title all the ladies did exceptionally well and exhibited grace and beauty. My favourite contestant was Miss Abaco, Kristy Evans, I still don’t understand how come she did not win one of the titles, I felt she were on target in answering her questions, plus she was the prettiest one in the competition and out of all the evening gowns, I felt hers was one of the best. Anyway, I hope she uses the experience she gained this year from participating in pageant and compete again next year, because I think she would do a wonderful job as Miss Bahamas and in representing our country.

  2. Congratulations also to Sonovia for the wonderful job she is doing in showing our young ladies what they can achieve in life. All of the contestants are winners.

  3. I congratulate US Ambassador Nicole A. Avant for reaching out to our youth at a time when our children need all the leadership challenges they can get. This woman is as genuine as her amazing father Clarence Avant. This ambassador will leave her positive mark on our youth while she is with us in our Bahamaland.
    It is so easy for our citizens and politicians to blame our crime problems on our youth instead of leaving no stones unturned to do everything possible to save the disaster awaiting our nation.
    There is emptiness across our Bahamas which if Bran and his DNA team are really serious about taking on the challenges they have to stop playing cat and mouse with the electorate they hope to win over?
    The emptiness will never be solved as long as the FNM cabinet refuses to accept responsibility for the completely out of control crime wave that continues to grow on their watch, not declining.
    When we allow our youth to seek out their answers in gangs and through criminal acts it is not hard to calculate the loss to our nation’s next generation of future lawyers, doctors, business owners and managers, accountants along with our blue and white color workers.
    If we do not all join together to change the direction we are on heading then be prepared for the bulk of our tax dollars going towards propping up increased police and security budgets and social services, resulting in even far less money being left in our public treasury for funding new and existing schools.
    Let us decide if we will stand for massive funding to buy more guns and bullets, uniforms, police cars, equipment and prisons over the spare change that will be left for our children, or will we throw up our hands and accept that this emptiness will define the people we have become?

    • Yeah, really appreciate the good ambassador extending herself to these beautiful and impressional young ladies like this. I am sure they will alway remember it too.

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