UNTHINKABLE! Christie and his PLP cannot change!


Perry Christie and his band of OLD TIRED BUNCH CANNOT CHANGE!!! – Christie Sundays RETURN on BP….

Perry Christie shopping some myth to bamboozle the young people. When they ga give Picewell 'ONE JOB'?

Nassau, Bahamas — Young PLPs will learn what young FNMs and DNAs knew all along: Christie cannot change and as fast as night follows day the Party is on a path to forget them.

The facts are glaring and the evidence of this sad reality has left ambitious loyal hardcore supporters of the PLP screaming foul. Young Bahamians who gathered in droves around the message to ‘Believe in the Bahamas’ are now sorely disappointed, and are leaving the PLP discouraged with pompoms in their hands and signature gold rush t-shirts discarded in untidy heaps in their closets.

The PLP like the rest continue to let down young Bahamians.

What is equally sad about the ‘Gold Rush’ bunch is the fact that some have completely changed their contacts and vanished from their constituents like holograms, all in an effort to erase the ‘talk’ sold to them nine weeks ago.

It’s Unbelievable!

Bahamas Press asks the young people to judge the new government by the way they treat them, and examine the way they keep their promises to you.

Have they accounted? NO!

Have they delivered? NO!

And have they changed? NO NO NO!

The 77-year-old woman being escorted off Cabbage Beach this week and the Government who believe in Bahamians says not a damn word.

On day one, the very organization that lambasted the FNM for putting foreigners over Bahamians have done no different. A foreign contractor is still carrying out the road contract, while Bahamian contractors look for work. The foreign DPP is still in the room while the Bahamian who is qualified for the job plays second fiddle. And last week the ideas of a foreign acting judge are being taken as advice by the new administration over talented Bahamians and for the first time Bahamians are being thrown off the beach, including a 77-year-old woman, while Atlantis has its way.

Sad Isn’t it? Ain’t nothing change!

And guess what? The Christie Government says not a damn word! And they expect us to applaud their efforts? HELL NO!

What is dastardly shameful and equally wrong is the fact how the same team who says they Put Bahamians First, ‘on day one’ was seen entertaining a band of French Canadians at the Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield Centre, while Bahamians failed to get an audience with the powers that be.

UNTHINKABLE! Christie and his PLP cannot change!

What is worse is the way in which they treat young Bahamians, the very people they say they ‘ga’ put first!

On day one Mr. Christie decided to hire a man who must have retired from the public service at least 3 times.

The eighty-two-year-old was considered for a job before scores of ambitious young Bahamians who could run circles around him.

And while Christie pushed his button to the 10th floor of the ivory tower he was elected to, his team of war-room generals; publicists, strategists, henchmen, digital artists, makeup artists, rally organizers, script writers and wartime foot soldiers – were all left on the ground floor – looking through the window wondering what was going on in the new government. What a disgrace!

And we commiserate with them.

Picewell Forbes MP for South and Central Andros

For weeks on, Picewell ‘Socca’ Forbes could not get a job, even after fighting to stay with the Party following a dribbling offer and a dangling of the carrot by the former Prime Minister, who pitched the bone for him to head URCA with a $100,000 plus salary. Deep in debt at the time, Socca Forbes could have used the money.

He abstained! But now just take a look at what the new PLP government and Christie in particular is doing to him; stalling to give him his due. As PLP rally moderator Dwight Armbrister would say, “Just Give him ONE JOB!”

And as Christie ascended to the 10th floor, he also failed to remember ‘Socca’ Forbes as he opened his arms to hired political hit men associated with the outgoing government ready to begin advising him.

We believe a relationship has already developed with the “New Advisors”, while loyalists are left holding the PLP flag! How wrong and wicked!

Look how the PLP Government broadsided Bahamas Press [the only media to openly endorse them] and the rest of the media when it announced its geriatrics list of Statuary Board and Council Appointees. They exclusively last Sunday sent the list only to the Nassau Guardian and left every other media outlets in the dark.


We hope the Nassau Guardian continue to carry their media releases in the future.

Imagine that! But that’s what happens when the enemy has your ear.

Archbishop Gomez warned Christie about establishing a Code of Conduct for his government. He failed to listen!

What happened to Christie’s promise to double the investment in Education and Training for young Bahamians? Another plan abandoned by the PLP for young Bahamians!

What happened to the plans to save Bahamian homeowners facing foreclosure? Have foreclosures ceased since May 7th?

What happened to the plan to investigate the scandal in Tourism and the idea to implement codes of conduct upon ministers?

Trust us, we ain’t ga never see that day!

But it is no wonder why the Vanderpool Scandal is not being investigated, this week we uncovered how a Cabinet Minister in the NEW PLP GOVERNMENT, issued a one hundred and ninety-six thousand dollar deal to a principal known to him without relaying the information to the Cabinet.

And Perry Christie allows this? No surprise to us however!

He cannot change and his party is collapsing and failing before it can start.

Ain’t a damn thing change!

We report yinner decide!