UPDATE ON WHALE CAY CRASH: Pilot is Mark Roberts


Three persons are in the water in Whale Cay at this hour following a crash landing of a single engine Cessna 172.

The plane was driven by owner of FYP LTD., Mark Roberts. Roberts along with two other passengers – one a pregnant woman – crash landed near the cay amid high winds and rainy like conditions.

The Coast Guard has been dispatched to the area to rescue the group. BP has learnt Roberts is in critical condition.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you all more, they are so quick to tell a story they for get how to spell and pronounce words properly spell all words proper please or that’s why you have spell checkers. I will like to see a road up in the sky for planes to be drive To whom ever this may concern, please state the facts and not your opinion. The plane was flown by so and so. Be pro-fes-si-o-nal

  2. Planes are flown, not driven. I don’t know if the stories are written by real journalists but the details and grammar used in many of them are juvenile level at best.

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