Verbal Diarrhea has hit the FNM and Loretta Butler-Turner now has it


Loretta Butler-Turner

Where was the Long Island MP voice when mass layoffs hit the Bahamas under the FNM?

Nassau, Bahamas — One must wonder how and when will the deputy leader of the FNM find some courage and stop travelling with that known female “sexual harasser” who turned Long Island upside down when she begged two young women for sex on the island.

This morning the Long Island MP is having a serious bout of verbal diarrhea, perhaps first caught by Charlie, who told the public she only has 12 months to be deputy leader.

Turner, who just found her tongue, which must had been lost somewhere in Ingraham’s upper pelvis bone, is today on the front page of the terlet paper blaming the Christie Government for workers at CiTCO FUND SERVICES who are about to lose their jobs.

According to the outside morning terlet edition, Butler-Turner charged the PLP government with victimization and demanded that the leaders of the PLP stop seeking ways to create jobs and find ways to save jobs.


Butler-Turner must forget she was part and parcel of that failed one term Ingraham government which oversaw the most rapid economic decline resulting in the largest loss of Bahamian jobs we have ever witnessed in this century!

When Butler-Turner sat around the table of the Cabinet Room, where was such concern for people losing their jobs? In fact six weeks ago she was praising the Bahamian Papa Clown and Mr. One Man Band for leaving 34% of the young people of the Bahamas Jobless.

She went around the country hailing Mr. Failure for the wrecked economy which skyrocketed a national debt by 2 billion dollars.

And Miss Bring Sexy back to the FNM must not remember how when she was in the last government – six weeks ago – she saw workers at ZNS go home. BTC workers sent home. City Market Stores workers sent home. Police sent home. Hotel Corporation Workers sent home.

– 1,200   Temporary Workers of The Government of the Bahamas immediately sent home in 2007.

– 1,200  Workers at the Atlantis Resort sent home.

– 300   Hotel Workers at Baha Mar sent home.

– 16    Senior Police officers sent home on Early Retirement by the Ingraham Government

– 42    RBPF other officers who have been sent home reaching the 55 years of age.

– 49    Police officers at the Police Tourism office sent home just after the FNM win.

– 58    Workers sent home at the closure of BACARDI

– 98    Workers at Pepsi Cola Bahamas in December 2009 just before Christmas.

– 6    Workers at the Tribune sent home

– 8    Workers at the Nassau Guardian sent home

– 28    Workers at Pizza Hut – Cable Beach sent home

– 38    Workers at Global Shipping sent home

– 17     Workers at Ernst & Young sent home

– 20     Workers at Dominos Pizza sent home

– 58    Workers affected and terminated at the closure of 15 Price Busters stores.

– 8     Customs officers Sent Home on Early Retirement

– 180    Workers at Our Lucaya in Grand Bahama sent home

– 21    Workers at ColinaImperial sent home

– 19    Workers at the Bimini Bay Resort on Bimini in August 2008 sent home

– 29     Workers at the Big Game Resort on Bimini in Sept. 2008 sent home

– 28    Additional Workers at the Wyndham on October 17th, 2008 sent home

– 3    Senior Management at City Markets Ltd. sent home

Should we add more, cause we have 20 more pages to go and it is just getting started.

Where was Loretta Butler Turner’s tongue and the media echoing her voice when all this massacre of the Bahamian worker was happening?

Where was she when Brent HOTMIX Symonette boasted how the government she was joined to the hip to granted thousands of work permit to while Bahamians sat home unemployed for years.

Why didn’t the she bark then?

She said not a damn word, right up to six weeks ago. And we must listen to her now?

All we tell the deputy leader of the FNM is this, stop travelling with that damn pedophile before someone lose their cool in Long Island, cause if that was my daughter she beg, Dog would eat her lunch.

We report yinner decide!