What about government’s foreign workers?


Workers headed home from Bah Mar on Monday June 29th!
Workers headed home from Bah Mar on Monday June 29th!

The Department of Statistics recently released work permit details for the private sector. A total of 9,208 permits were granted for 2015. All this confirms there is no need for our xenophobia. For the economy to grow, the country needs even more foreign expertise.

Of course this concept will never be uttered by the immigration department. In fact at the close of an otherwise factual press release, the usual worn script is offered up. You know how it goes. Something like “the Department of Immigration’s job is to “Bahamianise” the work force.”

It would be nice, since he brought up Bahamianising, if Mr. Pratt, Director of Immigration, would fill the country in on the work permit statistics for the Government, as those workers are not provided work permits in the traditional sense. They do not have to go through the scrutiny as private employers like posting the job opening in the newspaper for example. They need an employee, or expertise, they bring them in without delay. After all, only the private sector needs to be hampered.

For just once will the government hold itself to the same standards it expects of those that generate the tax dollars. You know the dastardly private sector that these days collects those tax dollars too.

Yours in Liberty,,
Rick Lowe