What ya think is wrong with Christie and the DAMN PLP?


christie-1.jpg<<<Perry Christie, the WEARY LEADER OF THE PLP.

Nassau, Bah: Crimes have been committed in the past against black people in the Bahamas. And equally in the past crimes have been committed against whites. But today the crime now committed within the Progressive Liberal Party is just plain GENOCIDE!

A series of events have brought the grand old party in the country to an unacceptable level. And the time has come for this “castigation of the troops” by its leader to end! Not only has Christie lead the PLP to the worst defeat in its political history, but also he is now engaging a CANNIBALISTIC WAR with members of his own party.Hon. Fred Mitchell

We’ve learned that it was just last week when members of Christie’s high command confirmed that he is now the ONLY candidate that will be allowed to offer for leader in the party’s upcoming convention.

This is the decision despite the fact that Christie lost the 2007 general elections. And despite the fact that he has done nothing to reignite the party and make it battle ready for the 2012 elections.

But Bahamas Press goes deeper into this newfound fact. There is now evidence that concludes that Christie will do everything in his power to cut off radical opposition members from attacking his longtime law partner Hubert Ingraham (THE BALD HEAD MONK!)

bradley-roberts-min-of-wor.jpgHow do we know this? Well just take a look at the PLP’s official website and you will find your answer. For weeks ago, since Christie imposed his GAG ORDER on his parliamentary members, no statement nor communications by his party leadership has been posted on the website (www.myplp.com).

No statements from the able shadow minister of foreign affairs Fred Mitchell, nor anything is posted from former Minister of Works Bradley Roberts who spoke recently on matters of national concern.

Nothing was allowed to be posted on the Party’s website about Alfred Sears’ legal aid clinic held over the weekend, which was to help residents who have lost their jobs. Nor has Christie offered a single statement to the media in reference to workers that were dismissed at BEC.alfred-2.jpg

Not a word has been sent out from the party by Christie after Clico’s debacle. Some 29,000 policyholders are affected by the liquidation, which began this week past. Nor has Christie said ONE THING about the now 180 workers sent home from that employ on Thursday past. NOT ONE WORD TO COMFORT BAHAMIANS NOW AFFECTED BY THESE RECENT EVENTS!

Added to all this, Madame Senator Allyson Maynard-Gibson led a barrage of attacks on the Ingraham government in the senate last week.

cplp-1Bahamas Press posted her comments on our blog and it has become a speech widely discussed everywhere. Even the WUTLESS ‘Toilet Paper’ created a headline over the rebukes. But what did Christie’s website did in publishing her comments? Nothing! Not one word of her comments was posted at www.myplp.com.

A blogger on that site requested for Madame Senator Allyson Maynard-Gibson communication to be posted. The comments read:

allyson.jpgAdmin. Can you get a copy of Senator Maynard’s contribution to the Senate on the Police bill and place it on this site for all. She was a 10 and it is obvious that the FNM is very uncomfortable with her being in the Senate. She was the bomb and makes every PLP proud to be that.”

The comments were signed by “Retired Policeman”, but guess what, no approval was allowed for Senator Maynard-Gibson communication. And to this day, days since Senator Maynard-Gibson’s communication was delivered, Christie’s website has not allowed it to be published. Something that makes you go, hmmmmmmmmm!cplp-2

But posted on the PLP’s blog was a post telling PLPs to read what Hubert Ingraham had to say in his Mid-Year budget. Could PLP’s really accept what Christie is doing to their party? Posting Ingraham’s communications on their website and denying his own opposition colleagues?

Well that’s what ya get when a ‘PUSSY CAT’ leads ya organization!

prime-ingraham-i-copy.jpgWhy is Christie so protective of Ingraham? Why is he fishing information to members of the WUTLESS MEDIA on the PLP? Why is he GAGGING his own parliamentarians, and censoring their communications is beyond us! The mind of a communist!

PLPs will soon discover what we at Bahamas Press has known since the ‘PUSSY CAT’ was Prime Minister, that being AS LONG AS CHRISTIE LEADS THE PLP, THEY MUST PREPARE TO LOSE!


  1. Christie Appoints Senator
    March 8th, 2009

    The Leader of the Opposition, the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie MP, has today advised his Excellency, the Governor-General, to appoint Dr. Michael Ronald Darville of Freeport, Grand Bahama, to fill the vacancy in the Senate created by the recent resignation of Pleasant Bridgewater.
    In welcoming Dr. Darville to the parliamentary ranks of the PLP, Mr. Christie said “I am delighted that Dr. Darville has accepted my call for frontline service in the national legislature under the banner of the Progressive Liberal Party. He is an individual of sterling character and outstanding accomplishment, most notably in the fields of medicine and business in Grand Bahama. He steps to the fore at a time in our country’s life – including, most especially, the life of Grand Bahama – when individuals of intelligence, proven ability, and social compassion are required more than ever before. Dr. Darville is such individual”.
    Dr. Darville practices medicine in Freeport as a partner in the Grand Bahama Family Medical Centre. He holds an MBBS degree in medicine from the University of the West Indies and a degree in Engineering from the University of Windsor in Canada.
    Dr. Darville is 48 years old. He is married to Susie Darville and they are the parents of two sons.

  2. @media
    BP, you seemed to have missed the point of my post. But first off i am not offended at your remarks at PC. The point of my post was referring the TONE of your post towards PC. If you call that bias then there isnt much i can do about that. But again i ask you, put the question to your readers and ask them if they sense the same thing.

    And one more thing, no where in my postings did i call you bias. I challenge you to find where i call you that. If you read my last post i referred to this site as being IMPARTIAL and STRAIGHT FORWARD meaning that you hit everyone, PLP and FNM. But maybe you didnt read my entire last post so i will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    I will say it again from the TONE in your post towards PC one can conclude that there is an issue there.

    Definition of “TONE” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary): 6: style or manner of expression in speaking or writing

  3. @Altec
    Altec, I take what you say right? But equally so, WHY ARE YOU SOOOOOOOO OFFENDED when we attack Christie and not HUBERT. See, that is what you call BIAS!

    It is ok to attack Hubert, but its painful and unwarranted when we attack Christie. NO we are not BIAS in this at all, WE ARE FAIR!

    BIAS sits in the mind of you the read, because we constantly attack HUBERT INGRAHAM, CARL BETHEL and several others in the FNM as well, but you can only put on your BIAS blinders on and raise your yellow flag when we mention the name CHRISTIE! That is what you call BIAS!

    This editor has not seen ONE objection from you when we attack Hubert. And If this is not correct, POINT US ALL TO ONE! You cannot find one!

    WHY do you ALTEC and JR don’t see something wrong within yourselves? Ahhhhhhh we forget, it becomes convenient to cast the word BIAS pending on the colour in the articles (RED OR YELLOW). Ahhhhhh and if it is Christie, something wrong with the story.

    You should know by now, Bahamas Press is not what you want it to be.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. JR, Joe Blow

    i really like BP and i am grateful for the quality news blog he has. I think he brings a lot of things to light that the mainstream media in the Bahamas wont touch because of their own political affiliations.

    BP you have a great blog. No other Bahamian blog is as successful as yours and with this great tool that you have, i think you have a responsibility to be fair and honest with the followers of this blog and yourself.

    Considering the way you attack PC, what makes you any different from the Tribune and Punch? We here love the fact that you dont give a dam about PLP and FNM, but its obvious that you do give a dam about PC. Thats why i made the point that from your tone, there is obviously something that went down between you and PC on a personal level.

    Whatever it is, dont bring it on the blog because by doing so, you chip away at your creditability and the blog looses two things that separate itself from the rest of the Bahamian blogs, IMPARTIALITY and STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS.

  5. Altec and JR. I too have felt that Media has a special axe to grind with Mr. Christie. But I don’t believe he has to reveal to anyone what it is. He just needs to stop the vindictive name labeling of everyone he doesn’t agree with. He demeans himself when he does that and one begins to think of him as a whiny child and he is better than that!

  6. media :
    HE IS IN BED WITH HUBERT INGRAHAM, Cheating on my sweetness and comes home every night to beat Her up! She is someone who once held the heart of this country.
    LET GO MY LOVER CHRISTIE! LET HER GO! SHE DON’T WANT YOU NO MORE, She wants to come back home to the people who love her BEST!

    You really don’t have to go there you know. We get it already I done tell you. YOu acting like a big baby with this and i still waiting for you to look at everybody with the same eyes and stop being so petty man. You are hte last one standing so I expect more from you man so stop making everything into some stupid row. You owe your readers a better explanation than that.

  7. I don’t know why he getting hot with me or you Altec, I was waiting for some of these other posters to get brave enough to tell BP what it appears whenever it comes to Christie and the PLP. No one in the PLP can do no wrong as far as BP is concerned. Everything that goes wrong is Perry Perry Perry and its getting to the point where you have to wonder what the deal is man. I told BP before we all know he doesn’t like Perry but he still refuses to acknowledge that he never has anything to say about anyone but Perry. He’ll hit at Obie erry now and then but nothing like what he has for Perry.

    On another note, Altec, are you saying that BP was Potcake? Please explain. I can see where people would say that but I dont think so because BP actually puts news stories up and Potcake use to be pure gossip.

  8. BP, honestly man, dont take my word for it, ask your readers if they sense the same deep personal disdain you have for PC when they read your post regarding him.

    If they say no i will apologize to you. If they say yes, you have to buy me one crack conch (no mayonnaise, extra ketchup, extra hot sauce)

  9. BP why you have to be like that man? i only ask if its personal because of the tone of your post regarding PC. If you dont believe me just go and read all your post where PC is the focus or better yet ask your readers if they think its personal between you and PC. From your tone its obvious that its personal and there is a deep seated dislike.

    ps. i would like you to go back to check your post from the old Potcake files too but leave that right there.

  10. @JR

    HE IS IN BED WITH HUBERT INGRAHAM, Cheating on my sweetness and comes home every night to beat Her up! She is someone who once held the heart of this country.


    LET GO MY LOVER CHRISTIE! LET HER GO! SHE DON’T WANT YOU NO MORE, She wants to come back home to the people who love her BEST!



  11. I have suggested before that any candidate that runs for any seat regardless of political persuasion should have to produce a certificate to show that he/she has taken an accredited course in contitutional studies and has received legitimate credit of high standing. I firmly believe that all people running should have lived in the constituancy for 12 months prior to offering and should continue to live there during their tenure. You keep working on your side of it with BP and I will keep after them with editing for spelling and grammatical correctness. They have vastly improved.

  12. Glennis Hanna Martin is a hot lil pepper yinna better leve her alone. BP you know if she happily married? lol..

    BP you havent answered my question that i asked you so i will ask you again. Do you have something personal against PC? Ma brother your disdain for the man is evident.

    What he do to you BP because we all know its personal.

  13. Joe you need to send htis to the PLP because these are good ideas. I do have one bone with you though. You need to tell your people to study the constitution too because so far, they are tearing it to bits and have already lost two constitutional matters in court. I do agree that anyone seeking to enter politics should be required to know the constitution inside out. I also think that the PLP should be able to make a clean break because anyone who controls fund raising controls the party and thats why the old families remain on top. I also agree that BP serves a very important role in keeping htem all honest. I just do my lil part to try and keep BP on the up and up.

  14. You all are too concerned about 2012. Leave that out of the mix. It’s a no win situation. You really need to gather a good mix of your young up and coming candidates and begin to put some strategies in place that will guarentee the party has a good chance to be elected in 2017. Step one is to marginalize all the old families. That does not mean to throw them out, it just means you help them understand their past and present reputations are a detriment to the Party. Frankly, you need their political knowledge and their money gathering skills. Step two is to organize classes so that all of you can acquire the requisite understanding of the Bahamian Constitution. This is of vital importance as the future needs of a country will require changes in constitutions if they are to survive in a global atmosphere. Third: The neucleus of your group needs to be out and about being seen in every neighbourhood doing hands-on, good works.This will require that you have a person who can garner “good” publicity” for the “good works” going on. Fourth: develope a web site that is different from the ones we now have. Let it be a positive force and not be about negativity. It should be about ideas and while it can identify the country”s problems it must be seen as a site that encourages possible solutions from every person,regardless of political persuasion. Don’t let it devolve into “us” against “them”. Let it be educational in the sense that one of its purposes is to let persons know what their civil rights are in any situation. Invite scholars to write brief articles on specific topics and have the public respond with their thoughts and ideas. Make it non-political as possible. Appoint a site ombudsman and encourage persons to bring their legitimate concerns to the site and let the omb. seek answers. A mighty task and time-consuming I know but it will show that the group is all about country and not political power. Media: This is not about your site. It has its place as we all need a safe place to vent.

  15. canesfins :
    JR – just trying to do the right thing for the party and the country. It is a long difficult battle, but we are trying to do the right thing, thanks for the support.

    I can say this about your father, he does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk and I can’t tell you how many people I know who don’t vote PLP who I know for a fact have gone to your Pa and gotten help and loans to do things like get houses and cars. If you serious about running in 2012, I don’t care where they put you, I’ll be there to shake some hands because we need a new breed.

  16. Oh I forgot, yes, Media, you have published her statements. I wasn’t trying to say you don’t I just meant you don’t criticize her the way you like to criticize Perry. In fact, you don’t touch nobody else but Perry.

  17. Media once again misses the point. The job of the chairman is to make sure the party is ticking like a clock so if you can come in on one side and say the PLP can’t get its act together and that they can’t organize – your word – and the chairman is the chief organizer, then how can you not see that as a direct failure for the chairman? Yes, she got Collie but that was more a function of her role as an MP, not as Chairman of the PLP. YOu yourself pointed out how the last few meetings of the PLP didn’t have the kind of crowd or the kind of organization it should have. Remember the Fox HIll rally? So again, isn’t that something the madame chairman is supposed to be responsible for? That is what I am talking about. I’m not talking about you publishing her statements because any one who comes here as often as I do know that you do publish whatever you get. I’m just saying that your are not living up to your reputation as an equal opportunity basher and you do have your favorites in the PLP and the criteria seems to be as long as they are against Perry, you support them. Thats your rights just like I have the right to support perry too, but the difference between me and you is I don’t pretend about it.

    The PLP is in more trouble than it should be and while PGC as the head deserves some of the blame, you can’t front and act like the other people in charge don’t deserve a bit of it too. Glenis in my opinion is failing at improving the PLP and making it better than it was before she came. How many times have you yourself criticized the PLP for not speaking on various issues that were discussed here when everyone knows that the spokesman for them is her?

    I am on board with rb75 because the PLP can’t be talking about “change” when they have the same five or six families showing up to lead it every time. Where is the change with Butler, Hanna, Maynard, Smith, etc? We need new faces and we need a new approach and putting the same old tired people back will cause us to lose for sure, whether Perry leading or not. Who can step in and fill in now? I like Sears and I like Nottage but if they aren’t stepping in, who then? BP, you need to stop being so defensive of certain people and understand that your readers are smarter than you give us credit for. Use the same cutlass you have for one for all is all I’m saying.

  18. Media,

    I can see where you are coming from the question is why can’t the PLP organize the answer is simple a clear cut vision and a way forward yes the PLP has it’s problems and in the next general election it will the PL P’S to loose just like the last one was …Iam a PLP and I am proud to be one yes the party has a lot of problems with in itself and yes the succession problem has to be address but as I see it in my view no one has come forward yet to challenge the current leader at least in public ….I believe that we must look at the truth and the truth is that the PLP is in the midst of a civil war and that Perry Christie will lead the party into the next general election now the only way for the party to capture the imagination of the people is to run a mixture of new young and dynamic candidates and change the face of the party so as to reflect a new young image that holds on to its proud accomplishments as a Bahamian institution.

    Which means that the Party itself must adopt new and fresh ideas and begun to turn around the image of an old out of date party this is just what in my view the PLP needs to do in order to capture the minds and hearts of the people …we must remember that a lot can happen in five years and if the Prime Minister and FNM continues to drive the car over a cliff as they are doing right now the PLP will have no one to fight but itself which in a strange twist of faith might just give the FNM a win in 2012 or may give a few seats to that 4Th party that sames to be hiding in the shadows as of late.

  19. @JR
    We would like for you to be honest with your statments JR and acknowledge that Bahamas Press has indeed presented articles from the Madame Chair of the PLP. In our view she is an excellect Chair. In fact knowing you as a goon of Christie you would remember that her AXING of Sidney Collie was HISTORICAL! In just one month of her taking over the Chair of the PLP Glenys Hanna-Martin, warned Collie of his dastard behaviour against democracy.

    She warned him in writing, warned him in public and warned him again in Parliament. She told him what will happen if he attempts to break the laws that governs elections in this country. He did not listen. Nor did his boss Hubert. Therefore Hanna-Martin began reading him his fate, and preceeded in her protection of the rights of the ordinary Bahamian to protect democracy in this country.

    Ingraham and Collie proceeded to BREAK THE LAWS OF ELECTIONS and the results of that ‘LAWBREAKING EXERCISE’ was acknowledged in the Supreme Court of The Bahamas.

    Perry Christie, yes your ‘CHIEF PUSSY CAT FRIEND’, attempted to get in Hanna-Martin way and attempted to stop that court process. THAT IS A FACT! But she was NOT detoured, SHE AXED COLLIE right in the head and he was forced to resigned from the Cabinet of the Bahamas. NEVER TO RETURN EVER AGAIN! That’s what you call a real opposition IRON LADY, and GIANT KILLER!

    So for the record ‘JR’ we are not with anyone who wishes to get rid of Hanna-Martin. She like Sears, Fred, Allyson and Roberts have all proven to be NOT on the side of Hubert Ingraham. But who is missing from those names we mentioned? Yes you guessed it, PERRY CHRISTIE, and you should know why!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  20. JR – just trying to do the right thing for the party and the country. It is a long difficult battle, but we are trying to do the right thing, thanks for the support.

  21. Media, you really trying to paint everyone with the same brush man. Frank done sent you stuff before and I waited to see the same thing on the PLP site and didn’t and when someone wrote to ask the admin about it, he sent them here. That was the monavie receipt. Sound to me like Frank sent it to you and not to his own party. That was one of the points I was making earlier. whats up with that! The stuff Frank was running on with today was touchy I heard he didn’t even tell anyone on his side he was going there. Man you trying too hard to make things seem like something else. Canesfins is right too. The chairman is the one responsible for the website so why you aint never ever ever had a thing to say about her? Something fishy BP and it ain’t the fish. I agree that gal has been a dismal failure and I said it before anyone else. the PLP needs change alright and they can start by changing her, that wifebeater Butler (who you ain’t never talk about either, even though he big and bold up in court for battery and assault) AMG, and all of them second generation people who think the PLP is theirs. they can’t be serious about change if they can’t change that.

    Canesfins (despite being second generation too) can stay because we haven’t seen him mess up yet and he seems to be one of the new bright young people who making some sense, more sense than the rest of these people. So BP, once again I have to beg you to write teh real story about how that gal and her crew and quite trying to push a square peg into a round hole. We know you smarter than that man and we can see you trying to work one angle when no real story is there. I’m disappointed in you big man.

  22. Canesfins, this is what we mean when we talk about the PLP, WHY can’t the PLP organize? His comments are withheld cause the Speaker decided to not allow it?

    If Frank Smith send his comments to us with the evidence WE WOULD PUBLISH IT. Let them deal with us.


  23. Media – I am not coming out from anywhere. As you know, some of us are trying as hard as we can to do what is right, to do what the country wants and needs. It is a process, a process that takes some time, but a process that is noble and the right thing for the country.

    Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to hear or listen to Frank Smith’s presentation, can anyone elaborate?

  24. canesfins :Media – I can tell you that your article is incorrect. The Leader does not have final say on the web site, the Chairman does. Pieces are not being timely posted, not because of any protection for HI, but for other reasons.

    What are those reasons? Chairman trying to control too much, that’s why she has lost control. I see in the Punch that Jerome and someone else will be running for chairman. I think Jerome would make a good chairman. Hanna Martin has been a dismal failure!

  25. @media
    Media, Frank really was carrying on like an idiot. Making allegations and then having to withdraw. Christie did try to get up, but the Speaker shut him up quickly. Problem with the PLP is the others were probably enjoying Frank getting beat up, they too busy destroying each other, so they aint going to help anyone. It is going to be the last man standing in the PLP

  26. @canesfins
    Ahhhh a PLP has finally come to answer what we ask. BOY, if yall would only deal with Hubert Ingraham like this. Looks like when we start dealing with that party, every rock comes out of its hole. Why is it yall quick to respond to us and not the FNM?

    How about the attacks I see landed on your member today, FRANK SMITH. NOT ONE PLP stood up in his defense. MY LORD!

    And Canesfins LET IT BE KNOWN IF YALL DON’T GET YALL ACT TOGETHER, the damage Bahamas Press will do to the PLP would be worst, MUCH worst then what the FNM can ever do.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  27. @JR
    And if we aren’t well read, can you answer how is it, the PLP could have posted Ingraham’s Mid Term Budget and Not Allyson’s?

    How is it just after we said what we said everyone communication was posted. Sound like phones went off the hook to us.


  28. Media – I can tell you that your article is incorrect. The Leader does not have final say on the web site, the Chairman does. Pieces are not being timely posted, not because of any protection for HI, but for other reasons.

  29. Mah man, you don’t need to prove nothing to me you know. I don’t care what numbers you throw out there because those things are highly subjective and I’m comfortable just knowing that BP is well read. You do yourselves a disservice by feeling that you always have to mention that. What they say about rich people? they don’t ask the price of anything because if you ahve to ask, then you’re not rich. So if BP is well read, you don’t have to keep saying it. I hear your point about why some PLP things are there and others are not and to me, it doesn’t matter who had it first. I’m just saying that there may be more reasons for why this so and not just Perry blocking it because like i said before, if Fred is one of the people challenging Perry, why is Fred’s stuff always there? Wouldn’t perry bury Fred’s stuff from the site? Now if Sears and them don’t have their stuff up, you have to also allow for the fact that the PLP MPs are not always the most organized or cohesive bunch. Is it possible that Sears didn’t cover his bases with that too? How many times have we seen PLP stragglers like Omar and Paul doing all kinds of things that are not a part of the program? Again, I say look at the whole picture before wasting my Sunday promising some expose. On the Ingraham thing, I thought it was good that they posted the statement there because it was the communication on the budget. Me personally, I can’t stand going to the FNM’s site but I wanted to see the budget so now that I know its there, I’d go and read it. I see nothing wrong with that because that shows me that at least they are trying to keep people informed on the bigger picture.

    Why didn’t BP have it posted here? shouldn’t the 5 million readers be able to get it from BP first? see how the table turns? And please, BP, don’t call yourself OBJECTIVE. You’re sounding like Bill O’Reilly and Fox when they call themselves fair and balanced when they are absolutely positively NOt.

    We’ll accept BP as it is, pimples and all, as long as you keep it real and your bias against Perry is a part of the deal. Don’t deny it otherwise you come off as a fake and we know BP ain’t no fake. Right?

  30. We at Bahamas Press notes that PLPs who read this post see it as nothing.

    We ask again (SLOWLY THIS TIME), Why would the PLP point its readers to messages of Hubert Ingraham’s Mid-Term Budget, and not post its members comments? WHY? Can anyone answer that? Can any of you Christie machinist answer that for us? Should not FRED, ALLYSON, BRADLEY AND SEARS comments be posted on the PLP website before Ingraham’s? Can anyone agree with us on that and not just see this post as nothing?

    Only hours after our post was Allyson and Fred’s post back on the PLP website. But still Alfred Sears Legal Aid Clinic is not posted, NOT even photos. Now what a shame it would be to see Sears event on Bahamas Press before the PLP blog can post it. WHAT A SHAME!

    And why would it take someone from the OBJECTIVE MEDIA like Bahamas Press to point that out? The PLP party has turned more CANNIBALISTIC AND COMMUNISTIC in its thinking of late!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

    PS: To JR on that matter of posted comments. Let it be known that Bahamas Press is not like those websites now on decline. We have an increased GLOBAL readership of 500,000 weekly. An average of over 71,000 readers per day. Some day our stats report see that reaching beyond 100,000 readers. Everyday we read scores of communications coming to our editors from finding good travel deals to problems they encountered whilst here in the Bahamas.

    We can prove our stats reports if you need further information to verify. We will send it to you JR and we hope you make a comment after seeing it.

  31. What a load of crap man. I went to the PLP site this morning and saw the information there. I didn’t see it yesterday like BP said so that only says they are slow. Did anyone read AMG’s piece? Those were speaking notes! I read it here and there and for a politician, I think it looks bad to give out speaking notes. For goodness sakes, write a speech. You think that could have been why it took longer to end up on the PLP site? I’m not making excuses but BP is pushing this thing to make something up that just isn’t there and it is my opinion that this is all about BP’s obsession with Perry and the PLP Admin. They must have gotten you good BP because you can’t find anything right with those two. I noticed the comments aren’t coming like they used to on that site but again, before I go and say Perry gagging everyone he doesn’t like, I’ll look at another reason. Maybe its a different person at the helm and they’re not into responding to posts? Who knows but it makes little sense that Perry would be doing that. How come Fred Mitchell is always on the site if Fred is supposed to be one of those people banned? It doesn’t make sense man. BP, do some real investigating otherwise I may have to assume that you, just like the VICKED media you hate, will put a PLP story on to keep people interested in your site. I already told you you don’t need to do that so stop being lazy and do some real reporting man. Just when i was thinking you were coming around.

  32. RB75: You should have listened a little more carefully. The company is in liquidation. The overseers are court appointed and so are the trustees. The policy holders are advised to continue to make their payments so as to secure that their policies do not lapse should they be taken over by one of the 4 companies who have shown an interest in them. The payments, made after the liquidation order came into affect, will be held in a separate account and be fully and immediately refunded should no other company be willing to assume the policy. Should one cease making their monthly payments for their policies the policy will be automatically collapsed and all monies paid prior to liquidation will likely be lost. If one continues their payment and no company is willing to take the policy it will be left to the liquidator as to how much of a refund of previous payments, prior to the liquidaton order, will be made. You would be likely to realize about 10%. Those who have purchased annuities are in a different position altogether as at a 12% inrerest rate, there is probably no company willing to assume them. Mr. Ingraham made a very clear and definitive statement concerning GLICO. He cannot be faulted by anyone for this turn of events. When will Bahabians begin to understand that private companies are only subject to the regulations of a country and a Government cannot interfer to any other extent in their private affairs. The Registrar had oversight in this case and made the proper move when it became clear GLICO was in trouble.

  33. Hey BP I havent written a post in a while. BP you are a good writer. I agree with you to a certain extent. I think we must allow the Government to Govern. The opposition cannot dictate to the Government especially one which is lead by Hubert Ingraham. I do agree that the Opposition must be a little louder but the PLP right now should not be the focus but the FNM should be. We elected the FNM to lead and we must allow them to lead its bin less than 2 years sinse the FNM got in to Governance. The Opposition must put fire under them bu also be civilized. The Opposition dont need to take the part of Foreign Oppositions such as the UK or Australia but need to help the Government make the right decisions. The PLP on the other hand will reform, regroup and if ready return with a plan to take the Bahamas Forward. You know and I know that the PLP is capable of doing such a thing. Mr. Christie will not lead the PLP to the next election. I will warn PLPs who want Christie to be there forever amen is that the Party will have a little scuffle for the leadership race, they will be some back and forth but when the dust settles, we must wonder if the PLP will remain unified and strong with its new leader??? Thats the question. But What I dont get is no attention is ever on the future of the FNM…who will be their leader??????

  34. Child you have a good point I remember dreaming that a few years ago we had record investment, record unemployment in the country,record GDP going on a real good future ahead where the S&P had in it’s report that the US economy would of slowed and for the first time in our history because of the projected projects that the economy of the Bahamas would not have felt a hard fallout from the slowing down or softening of the US economy.

    BP …I will not agree with this post the question should be ask of Hubert Ingraham when a Prime Minister can stand up in parliament and tell his people that they should continue to make deposits in a near bankrupt company that has been put into liquidation he either has to be living in delusions of grander or just a plain nutcase……BP the FNM has driven the ship head on into an iceberg and we are sicking fast the government does not command the confidence anymore of the Bahamian people and the opposition is in the first wave of a civil war .but when you put it all in circumspect I would really chose a Christie and the PLP over a tyrannical Ingram and the Fnm any day

  35. I find the style of M r Perry Christie very intriquing.He is cool under pressure and far different from a Pindling led party that thrived on confrontation.The Govt is responsible for leading and have been given the space to do so.I am certain that Mt Christie boggles the minds of everyone but suffice it to say he is the best leader for this time bar none.I applaud him for being so cool under pressure a sign of statemanship. Russell you are radical just like Sir Cecil but calm down and let the circumstances work their way out.Time is shorter than rope

  36. We don’t need to ask the question, what is wrong with Christie or what is he up to. Mr. Christie wants to stay in power of the PLP (at least). To what lenght and extent I think it would be apparent to anyone and anyone who is interested in politics, that he wants to get back into the Cabinet as Prime Minister. Is he going about it the wrong way? We can answer this in many ways. In a strategic way, void of various ethics and morals it can be quite a good way to stay in power for a man who has lost the government after one term and various stories and scandals, true or apparent. Any leader whould have lost some amount of confidence from his delegates and average card carrying followers after a defeat as that.

    In the democratic way, he is not. If we are indeed going on the premise that he is indeed muzzling any possible challengers, a premise that I will cease to be quick to prescribe to, then he is going agains the principles that the party he leads is built on.

    Now the last I read..whether it was Tribune, Gaurdian, or Joournal, Mr Christie said all posts are open for election. All posts were always open. The point is if we are going on the theory that he is muzzling people, then he is only creating a facade. All posts can be open, but if you are wheeling and dealing you way to be unopposed, the announcement that all polls are open are meaningless.

    For everyone and for his sake. I hope that the people who want to challenge are just too lacking of fortitude to say so, and that they are that way NOT becasue he is behind it. And if that is so, what kind of leader from the PLP would I want if they don’t even have the fortitude to challenge? That would be worse than Christie’s impression on thousands of Bahamians that he was indecisive.

  37. Russell Johnson :
    JR,Altec and Thomas you missed the point and must understand that the radical wing of the PLP have good reason to be concerned with Leadership. [Reply]

    Mr Johnson i will have to respectfully disagree with you as it is you who is missing the point. Read this post again. The issues that BP raised are issues he has raised before. As I said, in my earlier post, there is no new news here.

    If anyone in the PLP wants to lead, then they need to just step up to the plate and do it. If your statements arent on the PLP’s website thats not a big deal. There are other ways to go about getting heard.

    I just dont think the details in this post lives up to the heading of this post.

    • Russell that’s just how “VICKED” THEY ARE! They don’t want to put up their members communications on their website, but quick to post and direct people to read Hubert Ingraham words (MID TERM BUDGET)? THEY CRAZY ECH?

      Bahamas Press/editor

  38. Bp I agree with your assessment and recognise that the PLP must look at what is happening in America and like the Republicans oppose.I went to the PLP website and saw nothing from Sen Maynard.Plenty smoke and no fire on the FNM Govt is troublesome.I see a very spirited PLP convention as many oppose the laid back attitude of Christie.The once vocal webmaster is surprisingly silent on most issues and no longer keeps the PLP site up to date.JR,Altec and Thomas you missed the point and must understand that the radical wing of the PLP have good reason to be concerned with Leadership.The opposition does not create bipartisan appeal as it is incumbent on the Govt to seek it.Any opposition that leads the charge in seekintg it is viewed as weak by this FNM Govt.Just check the records as the PM has said his Cabinet is the his think tank.

  39. BP, you know you my boy, but in all fairness, this post is weak. It started off very promising then fizzles after the 3rd paragraph. This post isnt living up to its post heading.

    At the risk of sounding like a PC apologist, the 2007 loss, imo, was not the worse lost in PLP history, the 1997 loss under L.O.P. was way worse because the PLP was decimated at the polls. If my memory serves me right, the PLP had less than 15 seats in the Parliament after that 1997 drubbing.

    I agree that Ms Maynard-Gibson’s speech should have been posted on the website, but its a bit of a stretch to say PC is covering for HI simply on the basis of Ms Maynard-Gibson’s speech wasnt on the site and HI was coupled with the PC gag order. You need more solid proof to back up that claim.

    If any of the members in the PLP wants to say something this is a free country and they can say it. Ms Maynard-Gibson, Fred Mitchel and Bradly Roberts did. If its not posted on MYPLP.COM who cares?

    There is no news in this post that wasnt already known. I have to ask you a question BP, do you have something personal against PC?

    Dont be mad at ya boy man i just calling it as i see it.

  40. BP, how do you connect the dot that any of this is Christie’s gag? Who is responsible for that website anyway? Is it the leader or the chairman? man, this is another nothing story because the only thing i see what they are doing is being disorganized and you can hang that round the necks of all of the PLP, not just Perry.

  41. BP once again you have us waiting in anticipation. I cant stand it!! Lemme know what the deal is……gone to chill my Kalik and wait for the bomb to drop.

  42. BP you going to write a novel hey? Where would you start. They have been a dismal failure, sad to say.

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