Where are the wheelchairs for patients in the Trauma Centre at PMH?

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis visiting the hospital.

MP sat in PMH for hours over the holiday weekend…

Nassau, Bahamas – Another busy night at the emergency room of the Princess Margaret Hospital proves that the long waiting times are still not getting any better and, further to that, for patients showing up in the evening at hospital on Monday night, it was disastrous.

BP is reporting that the PMH emergency room is in dire need of wheelchairs to assist the invalids and persons showing up at that part of the hospital who cannot get the needed assistance at critical care.

On Monday night, the MP for Garden Hills, Brensil Rolle, was there with another awaiting medical attention when we saw patient after patient in the emergency room needing a wheelchair, but there was none for them.

MP Rolle was in Parliament today and he had witnessed the same we experienced at Trauma Room. But he chose not to say a word about it to Parliament today.

BP, on the other hand, is calling on the Government and, more importantly, Dr. Hubert Minnis and his Minister to quickly address the matter, because, when DA PEOPLE show up to PMH and they can’t walk from the car, dey ga catch hell ’cause there are no wheelchairs available!


We report yinner decide!