Where is ORG Director Matt Aubry on the $54m CRIME inside the Food Programme?


Was he or any company connected to him hired by Susan Larson in the FOOD PROGRAMME?

ORG Executive Director Matt Aubry

NASSAU| Abandoning his post for four-and-half-years of failed governance in the Bahamas, the question must be put: where was Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) Executive Director Matt Aubry?

Aubry was mute when failure, scandal and corruption swept the Bahamas under Hubert Minnis and, what is even more shocking, his blatant silence on the revelations of the Food Programme and the unaccounted $54 million, as exposed in the audit by ATI.

Aubry was vocal in the press making arguments for the Freedom of Information Act and to strengthen the anti-corruption regime but, now that reports of theft are tabled in Parliament, he is mute. 

Now remember this is the same man (Aubry) who was on many of the boards assembled inside the Minnis Government. And yet, now that serious allegations have surfaced with members of the Minnis Government, you cannot get a whisper. 

Will the real Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) Executive Director Matt Aubry tell us what he thinks about the Millions unaccounted for under the Susan Larson Food Programme? We hope he was not involved!

But we ga report and let yinner decide!