Why does the driver of this government red plate have it parked outside at his CLUB in the middle of the day?


Government works parks government car outside his bar everyday….

THIS JUST IN – HAPPENING LIVE RIGHT NOW WEST BAY STREET- It is early Friday afternoon and parked up big as billy outside his local night club is this red plate vehicle. A deeper investigation by Bahamas Press found out that the car is registered to the Bahamas Information Service and is driven by someone – who supposedly is – Prime Minister Christie’s ‘Press Attache’ – WELL WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

In the middle of the day the people who supposed to be writing and managing text for the PM are deep in the club when they are supposed to be on the government job – NO wonder the Christie Government catching hell on its message!

Yinner see why you the taxpayers gatta pay VAT? Paid cronies are never on the job – burning up yinner gas while they find something to feel up in the middle of the day! AND WHILE YINNER THE TAXPAYERS must  decide whether to pay BEC or the DOCTOR!

Boy, I tell ya – if you don’t laugh you will cry!