Will Shonel take Desmond’s Works Job? Shonel Ferguson is being considered for the top post of Minister of Works


Minnis Government tight-lipped on Bannister’s procedure in Florida…

Shonel Ferguson and Desmond Bannister.

Nassau, Bahamas – BP, who now has a Cabinet Room source, is now being told that serious considerations are being made in appointing a new Minister of Works as it is still unclear about the condition of Desmond Bannister who was offered the post last week.

Bannister was, according to a Cabinet press release, not available for the Monday instrument of appointment as he had to undergo a procedure in Florida. At the time of the events at Government House no mention was made as to why Bannister was present. And not a damn soul in the WUTLESS MEDIA asked what happened! We still do not know what that procedure was nor has anyone sought to update the public on Mr. Bannister’s present condition.

Bannister left in silence while neither the press nor the Cabinet said a damn word to da PEOPLE! Only BP saw these developments after the Carmichael MP was absent from a group photo with Dame Marguerite.

Our source tell us, “The Minnis Government is perhaps looking forward to the appointment of another individual to the post as Minister for Works and, although Mr. Bannister has been offered the job, a possible second individual is being considered.”

BP’s deep-deep sources in the government say da Fox Hill gal Shonel “Better dan People” Ferguson is being considered for the job. Word circulated yesterday that Bannister would be sworn in around five yesterday. Still yet nothing is seen or heard following that announcement. What is there to hide?

We report yinner decide!