Woman passed out in Bahamasair flight on Tuesday and died later in Rock Sound…what gone down?

A Bahamasair passenger taken by ambulance in Rock Sound Eleuthera.

ROCK SOUND| A strange inclident in a schedule stop into Rock Sound, Eleuthera on Tuesday saw a woman believed to be in her 50s dead.

BP is reporting the woman boarded the aircraft in Nassau but during its first landing in Rock Sound Eleuthera a passenger had passed out.

According to reports the aircraft experienced AC issues and the high temperatures became unbearable. The plane landed with the passenger experiencing convulsions before blacking out.

The Rock Sound stop resulted in a long delay before takeoff as AC issues and the death of the woman leaves a mystery as to what really gone down here.

The serious heat (heatstroke), lack of hydration and perhaps preconditions ( maybe the vaccine) all can be the cause of death. But we at BP are investigating what really gone down here?

Was there an issue with the aircraft? Was this woman attending doctor in Nassau before her sudden death? Are the flight attendents trained to deal with such emergency situations?

According to passengers the plane was so hot even babies were screaming. What yinner believe happened here?

The flight later went on safely to Exuma.

We report yinner decide!