Young woman found dead this afternoon…


NASSAU| Well, Bahamas, BP now knows the victim in that Seabreeze Canal area was fatally shot to the head with a single shot.

Seabreeze and South Beach connects in the southern area of New Providence via Pinewood Gardens.

What gone down in this latest incident is still unknown to BP. But we ga find out.

Just last week a young mother and her 14-year-old daughter were found slashed to death in the Dragons Compound. The 38-year-old woman’s 23-year-old boyfriend, Blake Strachan, has been charged in connection with that double murder. He, according to sources, is claiming self defense. But the known jailbird/cokehead Strachan, who was just released from prison, went to play basketball just after the murders.

Word on the streets is that the daughter was molested by the jailbird/cokehead and, following that revelation to the mother, a violent fight unfolded which ended in their deaths.

The jailbird/cokehead Strachan returns to prison where he is most comfortable and perhaps the Judges in the Bahamas from Mars will grant him bail soon!

Pray for the Women Dem!

We report yinner decide!