Youth “Pasta” steps down at a cathedral in Southwestern New Providence after confessing to having a sugar daddy on his wife!


Ya mean yinner still playing CHURCH in 2023 after all these strange death?!

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NASSAU| A young “pasta” has stepped down from a church leadership post in Southwestern New Providence after admitting to having a long love affair with another man who some described as his “sugar daddy”.

The Flamboyant “Pasta” is connected with a big church community and is married to a beautiful young woman. Both are front and center of the Ministry together’; promoting youth activities and conferences.

BP sources deep inside the church said the sad reality is the flamboyant “pasta” is always suggesting what kind of life young people should live, but yet, he too has been guilty of sin; living a nasty double life (FROM THE PULPIT)!

And if you believe this story is hot wait til yinner hear how the sissy “pasta’s” wife got sexually involved with another of his male friends. So what going on in da Church in the Southwestern New Providence?

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